Glass is a metaphor for Infinity or being Reborn.

365 reasons

`365 Reasons´ reflects the feelings and emotions that run through the mind during a burn-out. Every element of this object represents one feeling or emotion out of thousands that flow and run through the mind. 365 Reasons... is an attempt to reach out for and explore the deepest and most hidden feelings.

24 x 150 x 30 cm

Rising moonlight

Light passes through the layers of glass and radiates through the different colors of the glass.

The processed copper foil gives the whole object an extra dimension. The thickness of the glass makes it softer and slightly brighter. The thin end of this object radiates when in a strong light, such as the full moon. Rising Moonlight was created for exhibiting in the garden.

25 x 110 x 16 cm

Golden ribbon

The Golden Ribbon is built from fifty layers of glass with eighteen carat gold leaf between the layers. Each piece of glass is carefully sawn and treated. The polishing process is done partly mechanically. The major point - part number fifty one - is made of selenite stone. The surface of the sculpture is covered with copper foil. In time it will oxidize, due to the temperature, humidity and light.

25 x 110 x 16 cm

Strange galaxy

In the "Strange Galaxy", the copper stars will pull you into space. In the center of the sixty layers of glass hides a blue-green reflective Mexican labradorite

The entire creation is the Milky Way. The outer surface is partially covered with copper foil. The structures of glass and stone form a very wide area. A space where spectacular light passes through.

6,5 x 19 x 25,5 cm


The center of this creation is made from a special type of glass, which changes color, from light pink to deep green. Between the layers of glass, again one will find eighteen carat gold leaf. In the horn there are larger pieces of gold leaf that gradually decrease, approaching the center of the circle. By rotating the work, one gets a rich spectacle of changing light, form and color.

18 x 32 x 23 cm